Ban appeal for False report???

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Ban appeal for False report???

Post by NOANIME!!SHOO! »

Your Steam Community Link:
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:44303502

Which Admin Punished You: Midi_Tortellini
Type of punishment(ban, mute, silence or gag): Ban
Server where you received the punishment: -[]- |24/7 Slender Fortress #1|

How long they punished you for: 1 Week

Reason why they punished you: False Report

Reason why you think this punishment is unfair/uncalled for/biased, etc.
Was on this Slender map waiting on the PvP arena, dueling on and i noticed someone was hiding in the edge spot of the arena, toggling on and off invincibility, i do believe it was tortellini?? I just reported him for exploiting PvP arena invincibility by going on areas with no damage that were on the border (the PvP arena was the one with Magma pillars with a red theme building, i dont know the name of the map though) so he could get free kills when the pvpers were weak, no he wasnt on the entrance part of it, he was at a exploitable area by the magma pillars of the map which it isnt supposed to turn off friendly fire but he was aware of it.

Later on without a warning or anything, i just got straight banned outta nowhere, no talking no warning, I didnt even spam the report button, like i just felt it was ok to report that kind of abuse.

Reason why we should remove the punishment: A unfair ban, had done nothing to get banned at all, no griefing, not exploiting, not even trolling, i just got banned without a proper reason/warning/chatting.
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Re: Ban appeal for False report???

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Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, seeing that the reason why you reported said user was because they were pvp dipping (and like you said, not by the entrance). Also, when I joined in, I tried messaging you privately, but to no avail I got no response. Hence why I only had to assume it was a false report. Pvp dipping, to my knowledge, is allowed as long as its not by the entrance or exit. So, at this time, no, I cannot appeal for you.
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Re: Ban appeal for False report???

Post by Fire »

A false report that comes with a 1 week ban is a malicous report. A report where there is no merrit and it is only done to troll or waste the admins time. Based off Midi's response this does not qualify as a false report. There is no rule on "PvP Dipping" therefore it's reasonable to call in a admin for assistance and to review the situation.

However, if you file a report you should make yourself availble to the admin to explain your reasons for calling them in. Next time please do this.

Your ban has been lifted.